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Brynton & Snaed Light Railway

Pla​n & Description of the BSLR

Mainline - The main line is a continuous running loop of 33m - best described as kidney shaped – from which there are two branch lines. The loop is mainly at ground level and incorporates a reversing line 6m long to enable trains to be turned to run back to the carriage sidings. There are two stations with passing loops, two tunnels, two viaducts and a bridge. The minimum radius curve is 2'6''.

Quarry Branch - The quarry branch is approx. 10m long, has a rising gradient of approx. 1 in 50 and runs across two bridges to a gypsum quarry. The quarry incorporates a loading line and a shed road with a small siding.

Wharf Branch - The wharf branch is also approx. 10m long with a rising gradient of approx. 1 in 50. This line splits; one line continues up the incline to a steaming-up area. A second line (the wharf line) runs down to the wharf where gypsum is loaded into barges. A traverser at the end of the wharf enables the loco to run round via an adjacent line.

Loco Shed - Access to the loco shed is via a spur off the wharf line. This line runs to a turntable which provides access to three shed roads and a siding.

Points - The two points giving access to the branch lines and all seven points in both station areas are pneumatically operated from a central control panel using the EZ Air system. All other points are manually or train operated.

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