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Brynton & Snaed Light Railway

Passenger Stock

No.4 - Two Compartment 1st/3rd Guard Bogie Coach. Brandbright kit.

No.6 - Two Compartment 3rd Class 4 Wheel Coach. Brandbright kit.

 Third Class two compartment closed coach. AnDel Models kit. 

 Third Class two compartment semi-open coach. AnDel Models kit.

Wagons & Miscellaneous Stock

 No.1 Open Wagon - P&J kit. No.2 & No.3 Open Wagons - Scratch built.

 No.5 Brake Van – Scratch built.

  No.4 Covered Wagon - Scratch built.

 Snow Plough - Scratch built. 

 No.6 Bogie Flat Bed / Bolster Wagon - Scratch built. 

 7 x Rugga Tipper Wagons - Brandbright kits.

  No.7 Bogie Flat Bed / Bolster Wagon - Scratch built.

 2 x Brake / Translator Vans - Scratch built.

Articulated Crane & Support Wagons - Scratch built. The crane is a modified LGB product. 

Scrap Metal Wagon - Coopercraft kit. Fual Bowser - IP Engineering kit.